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Video Jane is my God!
I purchased 8 videos, and got them back in record time! Professional, smart, inexpensive, high-quality – and saved thousands of dollars for my company. I consider this product to be the best value for the money I have ever purchased.

Dean Antonakes

Unipoint Software


Video Jane delivers quality video production at amazingly affordable prices.

An extremely talented team that went above and beyond my expectations.

Loved the work that they have done so far for me and I highly recommend their services

Brian Ranck

EVP Sales & Marketing
Sopra Management Services


This is my third video from Video Jane and it is another huge success.

You are always very quick to respond to my questions and completing the final project.

Everyone that sees the videos are very impressed! I will be ordering more in the near future!.



Paul Arrington

CEO: Arrico Realty


Explainer videos have suddenly become a rage and quite rightly so. The cute animated videos are perfect for putting across your elevator pitch to your customers. Almost bordering on attention defecit disorders, the attention spans of online audiences these days is rapidly dwindling. Given these circumstances you barely have a few seconds to grab the attention of the people visiting your site. Explainers serve as "a foot in the door" of sorts. These animations can explain your product or service in under a minute while keeping your audience both engaged as well as entertianed.

There are three popular styles in which explainer videos are created. They are 2D character animation, motion graphics and whiteboard. Character animation is most expensive considering the amount of effort involved. These videos range from simple animation right down to productions that almost look like full blown disney movies. Motion graphics is what you should opt for should you have a slightly lower budget. These videos look more like infographics that have been animated. This style of animation has been around for years now and in fact the very first explainer videos that came out employed this style of animation. Though there isnt any historical record to know when these started, my very first memory of an explainer video is when dropbox came into the market and put up a cute video on their home page explaining their service.

Stories abound that dropbox was almost a failure when they launched as people couldn't figure out what they were selling. They put up an explainer video on their home page and Booom..their visitors started getting a eureka moment after seeing the video.Science has proven that most humans have three distinct learning styles. Visual, Aural and those who learn by doing things. Videos have both visual components as well as voice overs. So a major portion of your audience is covered by this.

Whiteboard or doodle videos are relatively new in the market. Traditionally people used to use stop motion photography involving an actual cartoonist drawing while being filmed to create this style of animation. With the advent of explainer video software like adobe after effects, virtual whiteboard videos are used. These are extremely cheap to create as the massive lavbor cost involved in live filming is eliminated.

Explainer video production is what we love doing and every video that we create is a labor of love. Unlike other studios that charge you the moon, we realise that startups need quality but don't have large budgets at the concept stage and so we strive to keep the production cost as low as possible. Your video will be created by trained animators who will deliver a end product that you will be proud of. Our voice talents are world class and will bring the emotion you desire to your script. In addition to english, we also create videos in foreign languages. You can see samples of spanish, mandarin, portuguese and dutch videos in our portfolio.

The underlying story in the video is of utmost importance as it what does the convincing. Our staff of professional copywriters take your rough writeup and convert it into an engaging story that will be remembered by your audience long after they have seen it.

So give us a try. We are an explainer video company with more than 600 clients who have been delighted with our work and I know that you will not be dissapointed. Simply fill out the form above and get started with your explainer video today!



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