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Type: Testimonial for Product/Service Or Corporate Spokesperson

Dress Option: Semi-Formal

Background Choice: White Background

Included Duration: 1:00

Resolution: HD(1080p)

Music And/Or Watermark: Can be added on request, choose this option when you check out.

Corporate Branding: Can be provided.
Simply purchase a logo reveal template and we shall add it at the start of the video. Branding your videos in this manner increases the "Top of mind awareness" about your company. The logo reveal template that you purchase can be re used for all future videos your company creates.



Buyer Comments

Carson Bailey says

Very professional, my boss loved the presentation


Marcia Cutts says

Great job, just what was looking for. professional quality work at very cheap rates


Stefan Glenn says

Was a pleasure to work with. Thanks for the great work


Sam Robertson says

Great job, will be back for more.


Pablo Sanchez says

Very good job. We liked it very much



















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